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Study of international experience regarding issues of access to higher education (WP 7)
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THALIS - Access to Higher Education. A study of the social, educational and institutional dimensions of demand for and supply of higher education in Greece. Problems and policies in comparative-historical and empirical perspective
The research project brings together almost 30 researchers from two universities in Greece, and five more from European Universities and aims to investigate in depth issues such as:
(a) The social, cultural and economic dimensions of demand for higher education in Greece.
(b) The factors influencing the distribution of demand for higher education, by disciplinary domain, type of higher education institution, distance between the university and the candidates’ residence.
(c) The accurate public and private costs of access to higher education.
(d) The socio-economic characteristics of those upper secondary education students who do not make it to the national general entrance examinations, dropping-out without claiming access, or of those whose average examination performance is marked below a certain threshold.
(e) The phenomenon of “stagnant students” in higher education and its relation to the students’ preferences upon access to higher education and the system’s inability to satisfy them.
(f) The factors influencing the decision of upper secondary graduates to avoid sitting the national examinations, choosing to study abroad and their preferences’ outlook.
The aim of the Working Package “Study of international experience regarding issues of access to higher education” is to present a comparative analysis of the systems of access to higher education in the four selected European states, that would focus on issues relevant to those of the Greek system of access.
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Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kotthoff
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Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft
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EU: European Social Fund, Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports
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